Muskegon River Fishery & Sporting Alliance

Dedicated to conserving, protecting, and enjoying the Muskegon River.

76 Members and counting.

Our Mission

The goal of the MRFSA is to promote and enhance the fishing and recreational opportunities of this amazing waterway. Known for decades as an exceptional river, it is our hope to take steps that will make the most out of the Muskegon River's cold water fisheries. We believe the Muskegon River is an exceptional river for many reasons and deserves special attention because of its:

  • Accessibility to the public
  • Size allowing many techniques to be used in the pursuit of fish
  • Size that accommodates a large number of anglers and water enthusiasts
  • Excellent fishing opportunities for trout, steelhead, and salmon
  • High growth rates of trout
  • Importance to local and state economy
  • Convenience to out-of-state population centers with high tourism potential

Because of these attributes we believe the MO is worth protecting and enhancing. We are a group dedicated to making it the fishery many know it could become. The goals of the Alliance include: river clean-up, public access, public education, river conservation, improved fishing opportunities for all anglers, and seeing the river managed more for sport-fishing. We understand that our natural resources are a delicate balance of social, economic, and biological concerns. Our hope is to be an organization that can be helpful to the Department of Natural Resources in its pursuit to maximize the output of those key factors.

Current Projects:

Trash Can Installation

In order to keep the Muskegon River clean and beautiful, there must be a way for users to dispose of their trash. Because of this, we would like to start by providing trash cans at all public access sites in and above Newaygo. This helps to ensure that this fishery is one we can be proud of and will be enjoyed by many.

Regulation Awareness

One of the easiest ways to promote quality fishing on the Muskegon River is to provide accurate information on fishing regulations. We realize that oftentimes people break the rules because they don't know any better. That's why we are in the process of creating DNR approved placards to install at public access sites. By doing this, we hope to prevent illegal harvest and promote awareness.

Fishing Line Disposal

Used fishing line left on the banks or in the river can be dangerous to wildlife. It often causes fatality to wetland bird and other important members of the ecosystem. Also, used fishing line often has hooks and other dangerous items attached that can potentially injure those using access areas. We plan to install line disposal containers at all the public access sites from Newaygo upstream to Croton Dam.


At this time, becoming a member of the alliance is free. By sending us an email confirming that you agree with our mission statement and goals, you confirm your status as a member of the MRFSA. As a new member, you join a larger voice of fishermen and sports enthusiasts who seek to conserve, protect, and enjoy this beautiful waterway.


We are a grassroots organization that exists because of anglers' and water-sports enthusiasts' passion for the Muskegon River and all of its natural resources to be enjoyed. Because we are a non-profit organization we depend on volunteers, who share this passion, to give their time and input.



The dates and times for meetings will be sent out to all members.


Email -

Phone - 847.687.0192, Mark Guzniczack